Case studies

Opening the Valve to improve design - Metso Flow Control engineers

Metso Flow Control engineers require several weeks to build and test a new valve. Using ANSYS AIM software developed for design engineers, Metso engineers can digitally explore the performance of a new design in a frew hours. The ability to evaluate many more designs in less time makes it possible to substantially increase valve performance and get new valves to market sooner.

"By Tommi Bergström, Senior Research Engineer, Metso Flow Control, Vantaa, Finland" a EDRMedeso Customer

We chose to work with EDRMedeso and ANSYS because the solution they provide supports the simulation driven development process at Oticon.

The ability to customize ANSYS Workbench to capture Oticons simulation process in an easy-to-use graphical interface, the extensive and professional service organizations of EDR&Medeso & ANSYS supporting Oticon during the implementation phase, the scalable license structure of ANSYS supporting optimal usage of hardware, easy access to design optimization and finally the ability to efficiently store and reuse simulation data.
Martin Larsen, Oticon

EDRMedeso app ”DDAM Response Spectrum” at MacGregor

ANSYS familiar GUI combined with offshore specific evaluation is a winning combination.
At MacGregor we are forward-looking, intent on innovation and product development. We constantly aim higher, and even though we can never control the sea, we can make it safer and more accessible for those who make it their workplace.
EDRMedeso has helped us in develop an app for ANSYS Mechanical to allow fast and accurate analysis of response spectrum using methods and load tables defined in “U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Report NRL-1396”.

Clark Pacific forbedrer effektiviteten, produktivitet og kvalitet med Tekla

"Tekla Structures hjelper våre prosjektledere til å være vellykket og hever kvaliteten på vårt arbeid, ved å bringe verdi til alle faser av prosessen, fra salg og estimering, gjennom design utvikling, fabrikasjon og på arbeidsplassen. "

Martin Scheiber
Senior Project Manager Clark Pacific

Tekla for plasstøpte konstruksjoner

Strukturingeniør Mohamed Al-Akabi deler sine erfaringer

MacGregor using ANSYS SpaceClaim

By using SpaceClaim, our time spent on modeling geometry was drastically reduced, typically from 4 weeks to 2 weeks.

Celsa Steel Service Focuses on the Total Cost of Reinforcement

In order to achieve more cost effective processes and services, cut costly waste and add value for the customers, Celsa decided to shift focus on total cost of reinforcement including assembly and logistics. For this purpose, Celsa chose BIM.

Plaana utilizes Tekla's solution for infrastructure designers

The software solution is the starting point for all planning. All construction contract plans and plans for traffic management during construction are carried out with the solution.

City of Oulu utilizes Trimble and Tekla's solutions

Tekla's solution for infrastructure designers is in all-round use in Oulu. The core of the solution, Tekla Civil, provides efficient tools for planning streets and public areas as well as networks, such as the water supply or street lighting networks of the city. With Tekla Civil, it is easy to compare the costs and functionalities of different plan options, and the planning process can be divided into parts, allowing each sector to work with the same data simultaneously. In addition, Tekla's solution makes customer service more efficient through easy information distribution.

Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge brings together two historically separate communities in Derry, Northern Ireland. The construction project combined challenging design, fabricating 65-ton units in Rowecord’s works, and transporting these from South Wales to Northern Ireland.

BerDiz subscribe for EDRMedeso annual training package

BerDiz is a consultancy company which, among other engineering services, also offers FE simulation.

ANSYS + Metso Minerals OY + EDRMedeso

Our goal in designing the new C130 jaw crusher was to deliver greater work capacity without increasing the weight of the machine. We used ANSYS SpaceClaim to create multiple design alternatives and ANSYS Mechanical to analyze these designs.

By using ANSYS HPC and with the assistance of ANSYS channel partner EDRMedeso, Metso obtains more accurate results in substantially less time.

EDRMedeso Productivity Toolkit at Envision

“The bottom line for us, is the time saving.
In order to predict the behavior of our structural components with a high degree of accuracy we use ANSYS. To be as close as possible to the real life geometry we have large assemblies with many bolts which can be very time consuming to set up. The Heavy Duty Toolkit from EDR&Medesohave shown great advantages and given us competitive benefits. We are now able to reduce the risk of human errors and also save a significant amount of time in model setup of large assemblies.”
Karl Aarhus
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Envision Energy, Denmark

Grundfos Management and ANSYS

Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology.


“With over six decades of experience from designing and manufacturing axial flow fans, we have in-depth knowledge of the markets we serve and we always strive to provide our customers with the optimum solution. With Innovation being one of our key values, I am greatly satisfied with how EDRMedeso have supported us to implement Simulation Driven Product Development using ANSYS Workbench, enabling us to take fan technology to a new level and expand our leading position in the market.”
Fredrik Albertson
CEO Howden

Avinor, Oslo Airport T2: The Power of Open BIM

The Gardermoen Terminal 2 is not only a major construction project with over 100 contractors but also a functioning international airport in Oslo, Norway. For the main structural engineer Aas-Jakobsen, the location provides challenges as every day the builders have to ensure safety, airport security and smooth, regular operations while almost doubling the floor area of the building.

Contiga precast concrete and steel in productive harmony

Norway-based Contiga, one of the leading suppliers of prefabricated concrete and steel solutions in Scandinavia is, in their own words, “a girder in the construction industry”. The company has used Tekla Structures software since 1999 in order to offer their customers efficient design and detailing of both precast concrete and steel structures. Telenor Arena in Fornebu, Norway, represents one of their most recent successes.

BIM and precast concrete fabrication - Loe Betongelementer

As Loe chooses Tekla for 80% of their projects and 100% of big projects, Tekla was a natural choice for the complex Papirbredden 2. The project started in 2010, the building was opened in August 2012, and selected as the Building of the Year 2012 in Norway.

Kynningsrud on its construction process

Kynningsrud Prefab manufactures and installs concrete elements and steel constructions as frameworks for many different types of buildings. With several construction projects underway in Norway and Sweden, they were looking for ways of improving their productivity and efficiency.

Fast Forward Simulation for Volvo Aero/GKN

Volvo Aero, which is now GKN Aerospace, develops and supplies components and systems for the world's largest aircraft manufacturers. In collaboration with General Electric, the company also develops the RM12 engine used by the Swedish fighter Gripen.

Atlas Copco

When you contact the EDRMedeso support, you will get the help you need directly.

One Subsea

EDRMedeso Productivity Toolkit at OneSubsea.

Fast Forward: Unprecedented results for Fläkt Woods' product development

Fläkt Woods is one of the world's leading suppliers of energy-efficient ventilation products. They deliver their products and systems for everything from schools and hospitals, to cruise ships and industrial buildings.

Fast Forward Hearing – how Oticon changed its product development

Oticon is the world's leading manufacturer of hearing aids and hearing solutions. EDRMedeso and ANSYS were engaged by the company's product development center in Copenhagen to implement product simulation in their development process.

DECK Engineering

We are very pleased to start using ANSYS at DECK Engineering and are very satisfied with the choice we made.

Technip Offshore

By using ANSYS software and EDRMedeso as our partner, we have been able to develop our structural analysis methodologies and run various structural analyses for different types of offshore designs.


By using ANSYS HPC and EDRMedeso as our partner, we have been able to achieve significant reduction in analysis time.


Sandvik Materials Technology performs product development and testing in its own unique laboratory facilities.