A complete partner for better construction

EDRMedeso is a distributor for Tekla Structures, the world's foremost tool in Building Information Modeling. Our goal is to always help our customers with more than software; we want to contribute to better construction processes, higher efficiency and subsequently better end-results – and this is the basis of our vision “Perfect Engineering”.

To achieve this we have an extensive range of services in seven different areas. The common denominator for all is that we help you to get the most from your software, your staff’s capabilities, your IT solutions – and from your products.

Training program

From introduction courses to advanced specialist courses – we train you and your colleagues. Read more here.

Method and process development

We help you to structure your workflow, your quality assurance or how BIM fits into your construction processes.

Enhanced support

A complete support package when you are in need of a sounding board and a problem solver.

Project consulting

As needed we can provide consulting support for projects, or develop a platform for how you work with simulation.

Software adaption

We build add-ins and toolkits based on your needs, and adapt the software for maximum productivity. As an example, all our customers will get access to the Norwegian Tekla Environment, but we are also happy to work closely with you to help tailor our systems to your needs.

Industry-specific knowledge

Thanks to our industry-specific knowledge and experience, we can provide courses and toolkits oriented for example, to specific branches. EDRMedeso has developed custom Tekla components for the Norwegian Precast industry and ETABS load combinations according to Eurocode. Learn more about this on our Toolkits page.

Systems and IT solutions

If you need cloud solutions, data clusters or other IT support for your product development, we can help you with that too.