IDEA Statica Steel

Used by engineers dealing with members, joints, connections, details and cross-sections of steel structures. Its functionality is organized into modules depending on the member which is to be analyzed and designed – Connection, Beam, Column, Frame etc.

We have created a unique method for structural analysis and design of connections called component-based finite element model (CBFEM). Engineers can work with joints, connections and footing without limitation in shapes and loading. Templates for most-used connections are available. Choose from frequently-used or general crosssections and wide range of hot rolled and sheet welded members. IDEA Connection, with CBFEM method in its core, is:
useable for most of joints, anchors, and details used in building practice
provides results in time comparable with existing methods and tools
gives clear information about joint behavior, stress, strain, reserves of individual components and overall safety and reliability.
Changing steel joint and connection design

IDEA Connection and CBFEM method are results of our long-term R&D efforts in the area of structural design and check of steel structure joints. In 2013, after years of preparations, we teamed up with top Czech universities and after 2 years of intensive development, testing and verifying a new tool for steel engineers was born. IDEA Connection with CBFEM provides precise checks, results of strength, stiffness and buckling analysis of steel joint. Bolts, welds, concrete blocks are checked according to common design formulas.
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