EDRMedeso Productivity Toolkit at Envision

case“The bottom line for us, is the time saving. In order to predict the behavior of our structural components with a high degree of accuracy we use ANSYS. To be as close as possible to the real life geometry we have large assemblies with many bolts which can be very time consuming to set up. The Heavy Duty Toolkit from EDR&Medesohave shown great advantages and given us competitive benefits. We are now able to reduce the risk of human errors and also save a significant amount of time in model setup of large assemblies.” Karl Aarhus Senior Mechanical Engineer Envision Energy, Denmark

Envision Energy stands by its mission of “solving the challenges for a sustainable future”, and is committed to becoming a global leader in revolutionizing the energy industry through smart technologies.

Since its foundation, Envision Energy has maintained constant growth in its business operations, becoming a leading global provider for smart energy technologies and services, including research, sales of smart turbines, and smart wind farm software and technological services.


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