October 27, 2015


ANSYS Advantage Volume IX Issue 3 2015 proud EDRMedeso

New ANSYS Advantage Volume IX Issue 3 2015 and EDRMedeso is proud of its customer Grundfos engaged on page 13.
Pumped - Grundfos, simulation-driven development increases ...

October 26, 2015


ANSYS AIM multiphysics platform seminars in the Nordic region!

In 2015 ANSYS released the first integrated and comprehensive multiphysics platform designed for all engineers – ANSYS Integrated Multiphysics (AIM). The platform will allow companies ...

October 21, 2015


Grundfos simulation of pumps in next ANSYS Magazine

Simulation-driven development increases pump efficiency and reduces product development time at one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers.
Grundfos engineers significantly improved hydraulic efficiency of the ...

October 16, 2015


pump grundfos simulation

ANSYS technology and Ferrari racing

From Virutal Prototype to Real-World Championships - ANSYS and Ferrari racing!
Using ANSYS simulation technology, Ferrari is realizing its product promise by optimizing critical aspects of ...

October 13, 2015


SpaceClaim webinar - October 19th

Lightning fast model generation
In simulation, geometry generation and manipulation of geometry represent a considerable part of the time used for simulation model generation. As an ...