April 26, 2016


How is the airflow affected if you change the design?

Rent a wind tunnel.
Or try something new.
EDRMedeso help Nordic organizations optimize their Product development process by replacing test labs and physical prototyping with advanced simulation.

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April 25, 2016


IoT for predictive maintenance

Since last summer EDRMedeso has been cooperating with the University of Linköping in order to deliver simulation based tools for predictive maintenance, driven by IoT ...

April 21, 2016


What type of Construction will last 20 years?

Cross your fingers - or try something new.

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EDRMedeso help Nordic organizations optimize their product development process by replacing test labs and ...

April 13, 2016


Seminar ANSYS 17.0 and Mechanical Enterprise

During this seminar, EDRMedeso will explain and demonstrate the benefits of new models and features of ANSYS structural analysis software release 17.
The seminar will have ...

April 11, 2016


Article with our customer Oticon in Denmark

Hearing aid directional filters are normally designed to provide optimal performance on an average head. However, directional performance actually depends on the individual’s head and ...

April 11, 2016


ANSYS Advantage - Volume X, Issue 1, 2016

Designing cutting-edge products today often means ensuring operation under extreme conditions including temperatures. Failure to properly manage heat can be costly because it can lead ...

April 6, 2016


Digital models must be used for design

Digital models must be used for design of new version not only maintenance,says Frode Halvorsen,@EDRMedeso #ssv2016 #edrmedeso #channelpartner #ansys


Subsea Valley April - 2016.

EDRMedeso at Subsea Valley ...