The Project - Hi Francis FSI Toolkit

EDRMedeso is proud to announce that is has been granted founding from the Research Council of Norway to undertake development related to FSI simulations on rotating equipment.

The funding is on more than one million Euro and the projects will run for four years, starting January 1st 2016. EDRMedeso will develop toolkits and procedures which make it possible to perform FSI simulations for accurate load prediction within an engineering timeframe. The goal is that FSI simulations will be used to accurately predict, and improve, the fatigue life of turbines and pumps

What shall we do - Fatigue failure

Fatigue failure caused by flow-induced vibrations is a significant challenge in several industries. Newly developed high head Francis turbines fail after just a few years of operation, pumps break down much before their estimated Life cycle and piping systems fail without any obvious cause. One common difficulty in addressing this challenge is to do a reliable calculation of the actual dynamic loading caused by the fluid. And, without reliable loads, it is simply impossible to calculate the correct fatigue Life.
In the current research project, EDRMedeso will develop a feasible methodology for fast and accurate simulation of FSI on rotating machinery. The procedure will describe, in detail, modeling techniques and valid assumptions to achieve reliable and accurate results. Furthermore, a software Toolkit supporting the recommended workflow will be developed. Mathematical models, that can be implemented to reduce simulation time, exist. The current pre- and post-processing is tedious and does not prevent human error. The Toolkit will be a product packaged in a user-friendly environment to secure reduced simulation time with respect to both CPU demand and human interaction.

What have we done -

More to come…soon!