Our Software

EDRMedeso is a distributor of world leading software applications within a number of areas. We always strive to choose the best products, and create unique simulation packages for our customers containing customized solutions and training.


The capabilities of ANSYS CAE software cover a large variety of physics. ANSYS Inc. continually advances simulation solutions by developing or acquiring the very best technology, then integrating it into a unified and customizable simulation platform, ANSYS Workbench, e.g. allows engineers to efficiently perform complex simulations involving the interaction of multiple physics. It is desirable to incorporate such simulations early in development process, at a stage where the cost of making changes is minimal, ANSYS call this simulation driven product development.


ANSYS optiSLang is a Workbench Plug-in that optimizes your product designs by combining the powerful parametric modeling capabilities of ANSYS Workbench with the Robust Design Optimization (RDO) methods of optiSLang. The optiSLang toolbox includes modules for sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation that you can easily drag and drop into a Workbench project to form an interactive process chain. This process workflow enables your engineering teams to improve product performance, identify optimization potential, quantify risks and secure resource-efficiency.


SpaceClaim is a 3D modelling tool that complements conventional CAD programs and can be used to create conceptual geometries or prepare CAD models for simulations. It uses a history-free, direct modelling approach so that unlike in traditional CAD software, changes can be made independently of how the model has been set up. Furthermore without deciphering the method used to construct it or worrying about regeneration failures. The user can interactively point at features and change their dimensions or modify them in other ways. Geometries can be imported from all major CAD formats and then worked with as if they had been originally created in SpaceClaim.


Rocky is a powerful, 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program that quickly and accurately simulates the granular flow behavior of different shaped and sized particles within a conveyor chute, mill, or other materials handling equipment.
Fully integrated with ANSYS Workbench(CFD and FEA).


ROHR2 is a modern and powerful piping analysis tool used in a wide variety of industries like Oil & Gas, District Heating, Power Generation (incl. nuclear), Petro Chemical, Offshore and many more. ROHR2 offers stress analysis according to many different piping codes and also ensures efficient workflow between designers, pipe flow-, structural- and pipe stress engineers.


CAEPIPE, the first pipe stress analysis software on PC in 1983, continues to be the preferred tool for static and dynamic stress analysis of piping systems. With its many smart and time saving features, CAEPIPE lets you analyze for the effects of weight, pressure, temperature, earthquake, time varying and harmonic loads and more. CAEPIPE also checks for numerous piping codes and guideline compliances. In addition, many data translators to import/export piping data to and from many plant design systems and other pipe stress analysis software are available.

CSi - SAP2000

SAP2000 is a general-purpose structural analysis program performing a wide variety of analyses and design. SAP2000 has an easy to use interface allowing engineers to create structural models rapidly and intuitively without a long learning curve. Integrated design code features can automatically generate wind, wave and seismic loads with comprehensive automatic steel and concrete design code checks per Eurocode, US, Canadian and international design standards.