ANSYS is the world's leading program suite for product simulation. Among other things, the suite includes three physics simulators – for structural engineering, fluid mechanics and electromagnetism – and they can be set up to interact. This means that ANSYS can be used both for full simulation of components and systems, and to provide answers to questions such as:

•Which loads can your product and its various component parts be safely subjected to?

Simulation software enables testing without physical prototypes, which in turn speeds the development process, reduces costs for lab testing and leads to better quality.
When knowledge is available about a product’s properties under various conditions and over time at an early stage, it’s easier to discover entirely new approaches – and to optimize design. This along with speedier overall product development is what we mean with our concept Fast Forward.
Services, training and custom solutions
With EDRMedeso you have a complete partner for all your simulation needs. We help you to get underway both with basic and advanced training courses, as well as by customizing the software based on your needs.
Moreover, we often help with method development for the product development process, or with IT services related to simulation needs, such as data clusters.