By using CAEPIPE early in the design process of a piping system, pipe system designers will find the critical areas early in the design process.They will save time when using CAEPIPE's carefully designed features for rapid modeling, powerful analyses with quick solution times, and easy results review. This will additionally benefit them to quickly evaluate alternate design solutions. Finally, they will save money because it will increase productivity and avoid costly field failures.

Family of products

  • CAEPIPE HOTclash
  • CAEPIPE Data Translators
  • CAEPIPE Checkstress

Contact us if you need information regarding geometry interface from MagiCAD to CAEPIPE.
CAEPIPE does also offer a neutral (ASCII) file format for the exchange of data between CAEPIPE and other software.
CAEPIPE is developed by SST Systems Inc., in the USA and was introduced on the market in 1983. The application of CAEPIPE is stress and deformation analysis, eigenfrequency and dynamic (earthquake, response spectrum etc.) analysis of a piping system. Furthermore, it includes evaluation according to many different piping codes.

  • Robust import of all major CAD formats