ROHR2 is a modern and powerful piping analysis tool used in a wide variety of industries like Oil & Gas, District Heating, Power Generation (incl. Nuclear), Petro Chemical, Offshore and many more. ROHR2 offers unprecedented analysis possibilities via a modern and flexible CAD-like user interface without any model size, number of load cases or load case combination limitation. Furthermore, the software ensures an efficient workflow between designers, pipe flow-, structural- and pipe stress engineers. The perfect tool developed in Europe for the needs of European piping analysis engineers!

Family of products

  • ROHR2
  • ROHR2iso (isometric drawings module)
  • ROHR2fesu (FEM module for the analysis of local segments in pipes and vessels not covered by any code)
  • ROHR2 CAD Interface package (additional CAD interfaces not part of the ROHR2 standard package)
  • ROHR2 CAE Interface package (additional CAE interfaces not part of the ROHR2 standard package)
  • SINETZ (for the calculation of pressure drop and heat loss in branched and intermeshed piping networks)

Miscellaneous ROHR2 is developed in Europe by Sigma GmbH, a member of the EN 13480 committee.