ROHR2 is a modern and powerful piping analysis tool used in a wide variety of industries like Oil & Gas, District Heating, Power Generation (incl. nuclear), Petro Chemical, Offshore and many more. ROHR2 offers stress analysis according to many different piping codes and also ensures efficient workflow between designers, pipe flow-, structural- and pipe stress engineers.
In addition it offers extensive analysis of pipe components like flanges (including gaskets and bolts), nozzles and components not covered by any piping code etc.
Linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analyses are available.

Family of products

  • ROHR2
  • ROHR2iso (isometric drawings module)
  • ROHR2fesu (FEM module for the analysis of local segments in pipes and vessels not covered by any code)
  • ROHR2 CAD Interface package (additional CAD interfaces not part of the ROHR2 standard package)
  • ROHR2 CAE Interface package (additional CAE interfaces not part of the ROHR2 standard package)

Miscellaneous ROHR2 is developed in Europe by Sigma GmbH, a member of the EN 13480 committee.