SpaceClaim is a 3D modelling tool that complements conventional CAD programs and can be used to create conceptual geometries or prepare CAD models for simulations. It uses a history-free, direct modelling approach so that unlike in traditional CAD software, changes can be made independently of how the model has been set up without deciphering the method used to construct it or worrying about regeneration failures. The user can interactively point at features and change their dimensions or modify them in other ways. Geometries can be imported from all major CAD formats and then worked with as if they had been originally created in SpaceClaim.

The direct modelling approach and short learning curve of SpaceClaim make it an ideal tool for analysts to quickly create conceptual geometries or use as a link between inherited CAD models and simulations. In addition to an extensive set of tools for creating or modifying 3D geometries it also contains functionality aimed specifically at preparing geometries for CAE, such as semi-automatic defeaturing, midsurface extraction of thin designs, and fluid volume generation. Dimensions can be defined and linked to ANSYS, allowing for parametric studies.
Family of products
Add-on modules

  • Data Exchange Package I : License to import Pro/E, Inventor, V4, VDA, export VDA.
  • Data Exchange Package II : License to import Parasolid, SolidWorks, NX.
  • CATIA v5 Data Exchange
  • JT Open Data Exchange