ANSYS support

Do you have a problem or question related to ANSYS? Check our frequently asked questions below – or get in touch with our support experts.
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Frequently asked questions


I need to change license servers.

Dear ANSYS customer,
In order to change servers for your active ANSYS licenses, is it now possible to make the request yourself on the ANSYS customer portal. The request should only be made by the ANSYS Support Coordinator on record at your account.
To register the machine change, please log on to the ANSYS Customer Portal;
-Click on License Management in the upper right hand corner and then click on License Server Change, after that follow the on-screen instructions.


Where can I download software?

You’ll find it under Software at the ANSYS Customer Portal ( There you can download the software you have licenses for.


Which exceptions do I need to add to a firewall for license verification to work?

You have to add the following programs as exceptions (everything is at C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64):


Who can call support?

Everyone with an active support agreement for their products can call EDRMedeso!

You do not need a client id or similar, but we do need to know what company you are calling from and who you are. Just call us if you are unsure if you have an agreement and we will provide a solution.


Who do I contact about prices on software?

Contact EDRMedeso today! See Contact


An error occurred during loading a paid app

Paid apps needs a license in order to be activated in a project. It is a floating license of same type as for all other ANSYS products and is limited in number of users (seats) and supported ANSYS versions.

Look at our troubleshooting guide here for more information.


When sending us a support email, please provide information about the product you are using (ANSYS Mechanical, CFX, …) and which version (16.0, 17.2…).