CAEPIPE FAQ and support

Do you have a problem or question related to CAEPIPE? Check our frequently asked questions below or get in touch with our support experts. For general product information see also product brochures to the right or click on the red.

Frequently asked questions


Where can I download the latest CAEPIPE version?

To be able to download the latest CAEPIPE version you must register to SST systems customer platform called “PEXit”. You can read more about PEXit. The PEXit platform is a platform for CAEPIPE users from all around the world and here   you can find download links and discussions areas for CAEPIPE customers convenience.

You will find the latest CAEPIPE version when you have logged in to PEXit under the headline
Software and then choose SST Products. Be sure to click on the correct download link, looking like the text below:

“For ME&S (Maintenance, Enhancement and Support) and Non-ME&S Users   Download Your Software Update/Version of the CAEPIPE program (for both USB   Hardware Key and SSTLM Protected versions)”


Where can I download the latest CAEPIPE Manual and other documentation?

You can download the manual from this page.


I get an error message that says “*** SuperProNet key not found *** Status = 3”?

Make sure that you’ve installed the latest driver for the USB dongle. You can download the latest version at:

If the USB dongle is on another computer, make sure that you’ve set the environment variable to NSP_HOST=(name of computer with the USB dongle).