CAEPIPE support

Do you have a problem or question related to CAEPIPE? Check our frequently asked questions below – or get in touch with our support experts.
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Frequently asked questions


Where can I download the latest CAEPIPE version?

If you use a USB dongle for your CAEPIPE license you can download the latest version from:

If you use the SSTLM licence manager, please contact the EDMedeso support.


Where can I download the CAEPIPE manual?


I get an error message that says “*** SuperProNet key not found *** Status = 3”

Make sure that you’ve installed the latest driver for the USB dongle. You can download the latest version at:
If the USB dongle is on another computer, make sure that you’ve set the environment variable to NSP_HOST=(name of computer with the USB dongle).


When sending us a support email, please provide information about the product version you are using.