February 7, 2018


Training - Analysis of buried piping according to EN 13941

March 22th or April 17th, 2018 - Västerås, Sweden

The demand for buried piping analysis according to EN 13941 is increasing, but few piping analysis engineers are aware of the complexity of this piping code and its design consequences.
Standard pipe components like tees and bends are easily overstressed when analysed according to EN13941 and consequently, piping designers and analysis engineers frequently design oversized components.

This training course explains the analysis details in EN 13941 and the reasons for the difficulties to meet the stress criteria according to EN 13941. An important part of the training is analysis examples and ways to avoid oversized components.

The software used for these examples is ROHR2.

Instructor Swedish or English, training material English

Basic knowledge in mechanics and mechanics of materials. Experience of piping analysis according to other piping codes is an advantage but no requirement.

• Introduction
• Pipeline components
• Trench
• Buried piping
• Modelling of buried piping in ROHR2
• Code settings for components
• Stress calculation of buried piping
• Stress evaluation according to EN13941
• Evaluation of branch Connections

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