ANSYS Simplorer

Oct 19 2017
Västerås 09.00-17.00 1 day 6 000 SEK

What will you learn?

The course will teach students how to use ANSYS Simplorer for the design, modeling, analysis and optimization of high-performance systems including electrical, thermal, electromechanical, electromagnetic, and hydraulic designs which are commonly found in the automotive, aerospace/defense, and industrial automation industries.

This training provides an overview of Simplorer’s versatile capability as a system level simulator. The training introduces the software’s user interface (UI), data structure, basic circuits and multiphysics models, component library, VHDL model, C- model, analog/digital control blocks, function blocks, state machines, coupling between physics based models (finite element models), post-processing, modeling conventions, etc. The training is extremely useful and practical for system level engineers or anyone who is interested in performing system level simulations. Many practical examples are provided in the training so that users can get up to speed with the software quickly and jump right into their own design simulations after the training.



-Introduction and Basic Usage

-Specific Usage

-Sub-circuits and Transfer Functions


-Library Management

-Device Characterization

-Non-linear Components

-Switching Circuit

-DC Motor control

-Single Phase Inverter

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