DNVGL-RP-C208 for ANSYS Users

Nov 08 2017
Bergen 09.00-16.00 1 day 9 000 NOK

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Welcome to the seminar presenting the Recommended Practice DNVGL-RP-C208, Determination of Structural Capacity by Non-Linear FE Analysis Methods, see [1]. In general, the RP is meant to supplement structural design standards presenting methods that allow for using non-linear FE-methods to determine resistance for cases that are not covered by traditional standards. The seminar will focus on how the analyses can be performed in ANSYS, theory for both non-linear FE methods and the different failure modes.

The agenda for the seminar will be:

  • Background and Motivation
  • Non-linear FE Methods
  • Failure modes and methods (theory and demonstrations)

The core of the seminar is obviously the Failure Modes! The focus will be on the following:

  • Tensile failure (bolted connection and weld modelling)
  • Failure due to repeated yielding (low cycle fatigue) and ratcheting
  • Buckling and repeated buckling
  • Ship collisions
  • Accidental load

“The recommended practice is intended to give guidance on how to establish structural resistance by use of non-linear FE methods”

Deliverables for users attending this seminar:

  • ANSYS Workbench projects demonstrating examples for the failure modes and methods mentioned above
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform analyses according to DNVGL-RP-C208 in ANSYS
  • Report containing critical strain values to be used in the tensile failure criteria


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