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Additive Manufacturing Success through Simulation

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is capturing the imagination of the international business world — and with good reason. The ability to manufacture highly customized parts
has the potential to significantly reduce production costs and materials waste, while improving customer satisfaction and profit margins. Additive manufacturing also supports product innovation and market responsiveness, because designs can go from a digital file to a finished product in mere minutes.

In today’s world of hypercompetition, many leading businesses focus on winning sales by catering to customers’ individual needs. Additive manufacturing supports mass customization by allowing fundamental designs to be easily adjusted to include highly specific features or different materials compositions. This not only helps consumer products companies develop customized offerings cost-effectively but, for example in the healthcare industry, it means that medical devices can be easily fitted to individual patients’ bodies to improve outcomes. While metal additive manufacturing holds incredible promise to deliver strategic and financial benefits, today it is primarily used by large corporations, like aerospace firms, with sophisticated product designs. With their need to design products with highly complex geometries, composed of high-endurance materials mixtures these companies are logical first adopters of additive manufacturing.

“Engineers can now use simulation to determine
not only how their product design 
will perform
under real-world conditions,
but also exactly how
that design will 
print on a specific machine.”

By Shane Emswiler, Vice President and General Manager –Electronics, Fluid and Mechanical ANSYS


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