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Best Practice, Best Product

Up to 80 percent of the cost of a product’s development is determined by decisions made early in the design process. Digital exploration, or upfront simulation, is the best way to investigate thousands of design options before product costs are locked in. With its widely adopted simulation platform, ANSYS enables every member of the product development team to participate in digital exploration. The result is more innovative products, faster time to market and lower development costs.

For almost half a century, engineering simulation has been helping the world’s leading businesses launch their innovative product designs faster, and at a lower cost, by verifying them in a risk-free virtual world. For over 40 years, ANSYS has supplied bestin-class engineering software worldwide and currently supports the success of product development teams at more than 45,000 customer organizations.

Companies cannot realize the full value of digital exploration without giving every member of the design team access to simulation.

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