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EDRMedeso is a distributor of world leading software applications within a number of areas. We always choose the best products, and create unique simulation packages for our customers with customized solutions and training.

Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures is one of the world's top software applications in BIM, Building Information Modeling. With BIM, virtual 3D models of structures can be built to manage a...

Tekla Structural Designer

Analyze and design buildings efficiently Tekla Structural Designer is revolutionary software that gives engineers the power to analyze and design buildings efficiently an...

IDEA StatiCa Steel

IDEA StatiCa Steel Complete design of members and details of steel structures and bridges. Unique method for structural analysis and design of connections called componen...

IDEA StatiCa Concrete

Concrete details made simple!! Reinforcement and code-check of all types of concrete walls, beams, and details according to the code, in minutes....


ETABS is a calculation tool for analysis and design in the construction industry. It helps you to calculate, analyze and simulate frameworks and other structures for high...

CSi Bridge

CSi Bridge helps you with calculations and engineering for bridge constructions. The program can be used for example, in performing structural analyses, earthquake simula...


SAFE is a leading tool for designing concrete floors and building foundations. SAFE integrates each part of the construction process into a simple and intuitive environme...

SAP 2000

SAP 2000 is developed by the American software company CSi and is a program that helps you to calculate, analyze and engineer frameworks, beam constructions and framing s...

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EDRMedeso provides the software you need, the services you want and the support you choose.


Knowledge and consultation

We're distributors for some of the industry's leading software applications in their respective areas - including Tekla Structures for BIM.



The EDRMedeso Group provides knowledge transfer for efficient simulation processes for a wide area of physics.

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