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Tekla Structures

Tekla develop Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that allows construction industry work more efficiently. Our BIM software solutions are used around the world to create, combine, manage and distribute accurate, constructable multimaterial models of all structures from residential buildings and offshore platforms to complex landmark structures.

Tekla have an open approach to BIM. The software interfaces with other solutions and manufacturing machinery for efficient and error-free collaboration. With Trimble and partners, Tekla’s BIM software can cover the entire construction workflow from structural design to manufacturing to site.

Tekla for Steel Detailing

Working with Tekla is the most accurate and integrated way to manage detailing, fabrication and erection of all steel structures. And you can win more tenders with sales models.

Tekla software lets you bring new efficiency to steel production workflow. With Tekla’s structural steel detailing software, you can make your detailing process more efficient and flexible. The intelligent, accurate Tekla models contain information for generating drawings and reports, which stay up to date throughout changes.

Model data can be then transferred directly from model to fabrication and project management, enabling increased productivity with higher automation. As Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible structural steel detailing software, you can create a detailed, constructable 3D model of any steel structure from offshore platform to Olympic stadium to transmission tower.

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Tekla Precast Concrete Detailing

With the information in Tekla software precast concrete fabricators can produce and deliver all types of elements at the right time to the right place in the most efficient way.

For those who work with precast the software offers boost to the entire workflow from bidding to delivery.  3D visualizations and presenting alternative solutions help precast fabricators win more successful and profitable bids.
You can detail all kinds of structures, manage fabrication, plan erection and find potential problems early before fabrication. Tekla software integrates precast design and detailing with manufacturing and project management: the software interfaces with production management systems (ERP) and automation machinery. To enhance communication, precast concrete, rebar and steel fabricators can communicate with contractors and coordinate their production with site operations with Tekla BIMsight. Everyone stays informed.

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Tekla for Engineering

Tekla Structures BIM software. Models created with Tekla BIM software carry the accurate, reliable and detailed information needed for successful Building Information Modeling and construction execution.

Welcome smoother workflow to your company with Tekla Structures and constructable models.
Tekla works with all materials and the most complex structures – you set the limits. Our customers have used Tekla Structures to model stadiums, offshore structures, plants and factories, residential buildings, bridges and skyscraper

Rebar Detailing and Reinforced Concrete Construction

Working with Tekla software is a smarter, more efficient way to do rebar detailing and fabrication. Improved design communication, coordination and information transfer enables faster rebar assembly and more productive construction of reinforced concrete structures.

The most powerful, yet straightforward, 3D modeling environment automates repetitive rebar detailing and documentation tasks. With intuitive management tools the construction-quality information is always easily at hand for reporting and material handling. You can automatically export data to rebar MES software and cut-and-bend and mesh welding systems. Easy to understand rebar assembly guides with 3D visualizations reduce RFIs, improve quality and make prefabrication and rebar placing on site more efficient.

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Tekla Model Sharing

Share the workload. Build and use the model together.

Tekla Model Sharing is a truly innovative BIM team work tool that can significantly increase productivity of Tekla Structures users. It accelerates work within the whole production chain; not only when modeling but also throughout the production and erection process. It is a win-win for all project parties involved.

With Tekla Model Sharing you can

  • Invite others to work with you on your models
  • Join someone else’s shared models
  • Share changes in models

Tekla Model Sharing allows each user to have a local version of the BIM model on their computer or on a network drive. The model data is shared and synchronized through a secure Microsoft Azure cloud sharing service. You only share the changes, not the entire model. Because you need to be connected to the internet only when sharing, Tekla Model Sharing enables offline work.

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Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is a cloud-based platform that connects the right people to the right constructible data, at the right time. It provides up-to-the-minute, construction-ready project information: View, review and reference Tekla models, drawings and other data you need for a successful construction project.

Trimble Connect: Here

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Tekla Infrastructure

In the core of our solution for infrastructure designers is Tekla Civil software, which manages all key information related to the design process. It efficiently utilizes, for example, GIS and terrain model data as well as aerial photos and various registers.

Design tasks supported with powerful industry applications cover

  • structural design of roads, streets and railroads
  • pipeline design
  • management of soil investigations and
  • equipment and park design.


The solution contains tools for all detailing and finalizing tasks, and is highly interoperable with other industry software.

Tekla for Offshore

Achieve Efficiency in Offshore Structures Design

Save time and money with faster offshore structures design and detailing, accurate drawings, avoiding clashes on assembly and automation.
With Tekla software, you can boost productivity through shorter modeling times in offshore structures design and higher automation of fabrication. You can interface the model to machinery and project management. Your Tekla models represent the true, detailed, as-built offshore structure.
The software handles all structures, even the largest ones. Everything in an offshore project fits into a Tekla model: 4D visualization, pipes, welds and bolts, weight of the structure and the position of the center of gravity, sustainability and eventual decommissioning.

Tekla lets you identify and correct possible conflicts with the process equipment, cables and access routes. Fixing conflicts already in the design phase saves time and resources in the construction phase.

Tekla for transmition tower

Optimize your production and reduce errors in fabrication and erection with a new, higher level of collaboration and automation.

You can increase productivity of modeling all kinds of transmission and telecommunication towers and substation gantries, from creating the foundation plan to designing the tower layout and detailing the connections.

Tekla Structural Designer

Fully automated and packed with many unique features for optimized concrete and steel design, Tekla Structural Designer helps engineering businesses to win more work and maximize profits. From the quick comparison of alternative design schemes through to cost-effective change management and seamless BIM collaboration, Tekla Structural Designer can transform your business.

Fully automated
Optimize multi-material buildings, in steel or reinforced concrete, in a fraction of the time. Tekla Structural Designer includes all the critical information needed to provide a fully automated design to your chosen building code. Regardless of complexity, you can design all members and consider the overall 3D building design in one seamless process.

Tekla’s unique approach to combining analysis and design means that you will not need to spend time processing analysis data. This integrated approach also enables you to manage changes effectively and provide fast response times to your clients.

Efficient reinforced concrete design
The software will instantly achieve an optimized design for all rebar within the beams, columns, slabs, flat plates and walls. Once designed, detailed reinforcement drawings and accurate material quantities are automatically generated for the whole building, meaning you can provide cost options early in the design process.
Optimized steel design
Tekla Structural Designer will design all the steelwork automatically, based on the engineer’s specific requirements. This includes the detailed design and optimization of composite beams, columns, US joists, trusses, braces and plated sections. Maximize your efficiency and achieve the optimum design at the touch of a button.
Compare design schemes
It takes just a few minutes to create a range of alternative schemes and establish the most cost effective solution for your client. You can become more competitive and bid more effectively with minimal effort.

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