Computer-based product simulation has a powerful development and with the digital revolution, the demands on virtual product development increase. To ensure future competitiveness, all product development companies must change how they work to be successful in the future. In this role, you work with understanding how customers work, what they want to achieve and are involved in solving these problems.

EDRMedeso’s has 150 employees throughout the Nordic region and the UK, with an industry experience of over 1000 man-years. To be able to handle the market’s needs, we need to strengthen our electrical team with an Electrical Power Engineer.

In the role of Electrical Power Engineer, you will be a trusted advisor in sales and implementation processes of software and methods, but also work with research and development in collaboration with customers and partners. You will work with the simulation tools for electrical (power) engineering within the Ansys portfolio.

To become a functioning part of the team, we believe that you are a team player who contributes to the overall goals of the group. You are happy to apply your experience to quickly find good solutions for our customers. You thrive and are at your best when you meet customers and contribute value. We are looking for team members that are percipient, persistent and use clear communication.

EDRMedeso’s operations are based on people and technology. In that order. Employees are the most important asset when EDRMedeso expands rapidly. We believe in the power of different and we strive to hire people who complement the team.

We are looking for you who want to be an important part of a fast-growing company. At EDRMedeso, people are experts and innovators regarding digitization in the field of technology. We have provided industrial and construction companies with tools, consulting services, educating and support for more than 30 years – and we are always looking for new ways to do it. EDRMedeso is also one of the largest suppliers of Ansys software worldwide.