Avinor, Oslo Airport T2: The Power of Open BIM

However, certain other project prerequisites are easier to work with, such as Avinor, the airport company and end client, demanding modeling from the contractors. Aas-Jakobsen often use geometry and reference models or existing buildings as a starting point for design. In Gardermoen, there are over a hundred reference models as practically everything is included from the architectural design, HVAC and electricity to, as this is an airport, baggage handling and hundreds of meters of airside terrain.  The number of software solutions is huge.


After testing different software solutions Avinor chose Tekla Structures for the project, and according to the BIM Coordinator Bjørnar Markussen, they use it for everything except analysis. Markussen’s job is to push BIM forward and explore best practices. This is team work as 15-20 subcontractors have information production responsibilities and numerous others use the model information.


– “This is a new way of working. Many of the subcontractors had not seen a model before, but now they use BIM for locating their survey equipment,” says Markussen and adds: “Open BIM and IFC file format are essential.”


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