BIM and precast concrete fabrication – Loe Betongelementer

Papirbredden 2 is built according to passive house principles. The building uses minimal energy in Drammen where the average temperature of December and January is about -2C (28F). Depending on stage of design and construction, two to three Loe employees worked on detailing and drawing Papirbredden2. Loe delivered precast concrete walls, columns, decks, hollow decks and beams, and also a small amount of steel beams and columns. Outer walls of basement were made of cast-in-place concrete.

Tekla software allows integration of systems like precast production planning, resource planning, machine automation systems and company-specific solutions.

Loe wanted to customize Tekla software although it is ready to use when installed. The company developed an in-house application in order to generate production drawings that exactly match their needs from automatically Tekla model. Tekla Open API™ (Application Programming Interface) enables users to create third party applications that integrate and communicate within the same modeling environment.

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