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Cargotec Hiab – On-Demand Cloud-based Digital Lab for Tipping Loading

”We want to deliver best-in-class products and solutions to our customers.

Occasionally this includes making sure that our hook-lift systems are able to withstand demanding dynamic tipping loading conditions without overturning or experiencing failures. Doing physical testing is obviously very laborious and expensive and also working safety issues must be considered so utilizing simulation is the preferred way.

Previously we were tackling these challenges with ANSYS Platform on our on-premise hardware, but doing so was bottlenecking our day-to-day simulation tasks in our Digital Lab due to reasonably resourced hardware.

By working together with our Digital Lab partner EDRMedeso on this challenge we found Rescale, an end-to-end solution that is on-demand and infinitely-scaling. And, on top of all this, it is extremely cost efficient. This cloud-based solution fits our process perfectly. We’re now able to predict the tipping behaviour of a hook lift in less than three hours – instead of the whole workday – without withstanding our on-premise Digital Lab workflow.“

-Matti Randelin, R&D Engineer, Strength Analyst, HIAB Demountables
-Erkki Ahola, Director of R&D, HIAB Demountables


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