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Celsa Steel Service Focuses on the Total Cost of Reinforcement

In the construction industry that has been criticized for low increase of productivity, Celsa Steel Service operates in a different way than the majority of its competitors in reinforcement manufacturing. The total cost of reinforcement for the builders not only includes the money paid for the steel, but also logistics and assembly.

Celsa decided to shift focus towards the total cost in order to take a more active role in the customers’ processes, understand their needs and develop products and services that cut project duration and costs on site. After comprehensive research, Celsa Steel Service concluded that implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) internally and providing customers with BIM services would open new doors: more cost effective processes and services which could cut costly waste and add value for the customers.

Choosing Tekla

Celsa Steel Service chose Tekla Structures because of its flexibility and proven status as one of the best BIM tools for creating and managing concrete and reinforcement models. Also, they wanted to customize it.

– “Much of our business development builds on Tekla as the core software. We can add value to our products and are more competitive,” says Thomas Eriksson, Technical Advisor at Celsa.

How Celsa uses Tekla?

Celsa has many uses for Tekla: They create 3D models from the consultants drawings, do quality control, choose the products to use and illustrate tenders and solutions for customers and provide assembly instructions. And with a 3D model, the welders understand more easily what to do.

-“It is simpler to discuss if we have the 3D model in front of us than it is with drawings,” says Thomas Eriksson.

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