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“We deal with structures having lots of bolts and setting up the bolt pretension is often time consuming.

After integrating the productivity toolkit from EDR Medeso in our workflow, we have reduced the time to configure the flange assembly for a typical swivel analysis by more than 90%. It is now done in no time and it just takes two clicks to change the bolt pretension.”

-Betrand Huwig, Senior Project Engineer, OneSubsea Swivel and Marine Systems


“We saved 15% time on our pressure vessel analysis using the ASME code check from the new productivity toolkit developed by EDR Medeso. In our department this corresponds to a saving of 60 man-days per year.

As the toolkit is also used at several other departments at OneSubsea, it significantly reinforces the return on our ANSYS investment”

-Jean-François Noel, Principal Engineer, OneSubsea Processing

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