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Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge brings together two historically separate communities in Derry, Northern Ireland. The construction project combined challenging design, fabricating 65-ton units in Rowecord’s works, and transporting these from South Wales to Northern Ireland. BIM helped project team from design to transportation and erection. The accuracy of the model and the control over the geometry during fabrication and erection were major contributors to the success of the Peace Bridge project.

Challenging geometry

Peace Bridge’s S-shape brought challenges to design and construction process as there were lots of curved, complex shapes. Rowecord tackled the challenge by modeling curved plates as a series of triangles and unfolded using the macro within Tekla Structures. The workflow was important for the success of the project: The detailers methodically worked from one end of the bridge to the other to ensure the overall geometry, including the pre-cambers, was correct.

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