However, these do not always facilitate for the full replication of the end-user environment and,
subject to customer demands, it is therefore a challenge to show product performance before integration into the customer’s application. Also, while continuously seeking to improve the performance of its products, Sandvik Materials Technology has found that laboratory testing itself does not provide the level of detail needed to take their technology foundation to the next level.


Sandvik Materials Technology R&D thought that by implementing simulation and analysis into their product development process, they would be able to virtually model the
performance of their products integrated into their customer’s environment and, at the same time, gain a more complete picture of the physics involved.
They looked for a single piece of software that would enable them to simulate all the relevant physics involved and found that the multiphysics capabilities of the ANSYS Workbench software would be the best choice. For effective implementation, Sandvik Materials Technology cooperated closely with EDR&Medeso to train the development
engineers in the use of ANSYS software.

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