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EDRMedeso celebrates the 100-employee mark

By Niklas Lindwall, CEO at EDRMedeso

Today, we reach a milestone at EDRMedeso – our employee number 100. This growth would not have been possible without our trusted suppliers and valued customers. It has been an exciting journey, and we look forward to reaching many more milestones in the future.

We have provided industrial and construction companies with tools, consultancy and support within simulation for more than 30 years. EDRMedeso was originally two companies: Norwegian EDR, founded in 1986, and Swedish Medeso, founded in 1987. Both companies worked in the field of computer-aided engineering. And since the merger in 2012, where EDRMedeso as we know it today was formed, we have continued to focus on how computer-aided engineering can help companies create the best possible products and solutions.

While our overall focus has stayed the same, the reality for our customers has changed significantly over the past more than 30 years.  Automation, additive manufacturing, IoT, AR and VR have changed expectations, possibilities, business models and the way products are being designed. This goes for both industrial companies and the construction industry. We have no doubt that the companies that take advantage of these technologies will be the ones that become winners.

The best suppliers, products and consultancy

We are excited to take part in the journey our customers embark on, when they start utilizing modern and advanced technologies to the fullest. And we are thrilled to be working with some of the best suppliers in the world, which means that our customers can benefit from the strongest solutions on the market.

We have worked with Tekla on building information modeling (BIM) since 1995 and ANSYS on simulation in product development since 1999. Our partnerships with both of these companies are strong, and they keep developing and growing – just like their solutions.

With Tekla and their BIM-software, we can bridge the gap between consultancy companies and construction companies by using 3D models and 3D scanning. And with ANSYS, we can help our customers deploy the digital lab for simulation driven prototyping, 3D printing, digital twins and predictive maintenance.

Recently, we also formed a partnership with PTC, which also works with ANSYS and have created a platform for digital twin solutions. With this partnership we aim at accelerating the deployment and benefits of digital twin technology for our customers.

From zero to 100

The last couple of years have been characterized by rapid growth and since 2016 we have grown our staff with 40 colleagues. We have hired many new employees in all regions, but it is particularly encouraging to see how we have been able to attract star performers in Finland, Denmark and the UK – neither of the countries being the original home turf of EDR nor Medeso.

Without competent, skilled and innovative employees we would certainly not be where we are today. They are our main asset, and a key component in our own success as well as the success we help our customers achieve.

Current megatrends such as IoT, additive manufacturing and 3D modelling are driving industrial and construction companies towards adapting simulation-driven design, and our suppliers develop the best solutions in those fields. In other words: We have every reason to be positive about the future. It has been an exciting journey from zero to 100 employees, and we are excited to embark on the journey of reaching the next 100 colleagues while helping current and future customers grow.

Our customers

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