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FluentMesh 2019R2

FluentMesh just did my life much easier and happier. With the new workflows, both the ‘Watertight workflow’ and the ‘Fault-tolerant Meshing workflow’, the whole process from geometry to a complete volume mesh goes really smooth. It helps me to set up correct sizings, regions, inflations etc. Another thing is how easy it is to start, especially if you have never used it before. With the new connection to SpaceClaim, you can launch FluentMesh from within SpaceClaim. You don’t need to bother about closing and opening softwares, save files in the correct formats – just one click and you are ready to go!

What really struck me with the latest release, is the parallel option with Mosaic meshing. There were multiple times in the beginning I thought the mesh had failed because it had stopped when I was looking at the session. However, when looking more carefully I realized, it was already done. A mesh I expected to take ~1 hour was done in ~20 minutes!


Written by Tomas Jarneholt, EDRMedeso 2019

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