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The focus on digitalization and innovation speed has brought engineering simulations to the desks of top executives: Could this be the tool that gives us an advantage in relation to our competitors when it comes to innovation, time to market and quality? How can we successfully manage the integration of simulations in our product development process? Furthermore, how do we know if our investments in simulation technology give us a good return?

This event will focus on simulation driven business transformation. What is the business case of simulations? What happens when simulations drive the design and when the questions turn from ”This is my design, let me know how good it is” to “This is the performance I want, please let me know what the design should look like”. How do you re-organize when the whole concept and product development process changes? And how does this link to Additive manufacturing, IoT and autonomous vehicles?

Join us in Copenhagen, where we will share best practices,

business practice and hands-on experience with each other, and give Northern Europe industry an advantage in Simulation Driven Business Transformation






Julia Navarsete is the founder of the green energy recovery company QRRNT AS. With proud Norwegian roots within sustainable development and “green” technology innovations, we have created a unique solution for converting excess pressure in hydro pipes to electric energy. Being a serial entrepreneur, she has experienced the hard way the importance of lean and efficient prototyping. For the development of the QRRNT product she teamed up with both EDRMedeso and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Both the EDRMedeso team and their analysis tools have been an essential key to the companys successful product development and first test installation.
Julia will talk about her QRRNT experience taking an idea from the drawing board to a full-scale industrial test-installation in less than 6 months. Can the global giants learn from this “lean” approach, and can we create a joint space for collaboration?


Group Manager
Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

Mats Annerfeldt is Group Manager at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery in Finspång in Sweden and in charge of the simulation tools portfolio and its development there. During 15 years Mats has been instrumental in evolving the scope of simulations at Siemens but has also closely monitored how the choice of organization impacts the outcome of simulation activities.
Mats will introduce our second workshop theme, about organizational change and choices that results from an increased use of simulations and how these choices can significantly affect innovation, product development speed and product quality. He will talk about how Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery ended up Agile and what the alternatives could have been.


Senior Manager of Mechanics and Materials

Jakob is coordinating the SDD initiative at Grundfos and has been leading the team that brought engineering simulations to top management attention at Grundfos. By taking several small but important strategic and tactical steps over the last five years, Jakob and his team has led simulations to a level that even on a global level is in the forefront and that is slowly breaking down the development silos in his company.
Jakob will talk about Simulation readiness levels, and how this concept has been successfully used to move a company from test culture to a world leader in digital prototyping.

Business transformation through 
engineering simulation




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Since 1986, EDRMedeso has provided the market with leading tools for product simulation and BIM. As a complete partner, we also offer support, training and consulting services for these tools. The goal is to enable our customers to always get the maximum benefit out of their software investment – thus facilitating the design of better products and buildings.

We assist organizations in optimizing their product development process by fully or partially replacing lab tests and physical prototyping with advanced simulation

EDRMedeso is conducting a survey about the potential & impact of using simulation in product development.
 The survey is all about challenges within strategy, organization and management.

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NOVEMBER 8th 2018

Conference fee is 800 EUR and will be invoiced after registration is completed.

Discount - Register three persons from same company and pay for two.
Registration is binding. 100% of the registration fee will be invoiced from EDRMedeso.

This event is for decision makers in simulation and manufacturing. 
Due to limited spaces we encourage you to register asap.

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