Simulation Leadership Forum - September 11-12, 2019 - EDRMedeso

Simulation Leadership Forum – September 11-12, 2019

The focus on digitalization and innovation speed has brought engineering simulations to the desks of top executives: Could this be the tool that gives us an advantage in relation to our competitors when it comes to innovation, time to market and quality? How can we successfully manage the integration of simulations in our product development process? Furthermore, how do we know if our investments in simulation technology give us a good return?

This event focused on simulation driven business transformation. What is the business case of simulations? What happens when simulations drive the design and when the questions turn from ”This is my design, let me know how good it is” to “This is the performance I want, please let me know what the design should look like”. How do you re-organize when the whole concept and product development process changes? And how does this link to Additive manufacturing, IoT and autonomous vehicles?

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