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Using Rocky DEM as a predictive tool to solve bulk material handling problems

Next generation of Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program that quickly and accurately simulates the granular flow behavior of different shaped and sized particles within a conveyor chute, mill, or other materials handling equipment.

EDRMedeso in Finland is bringing specialists of Rocky and ANSYS together in our Tampere office, to educate local industries (mining, manufacturing, pharma, civil, …) how to evaluate their bulk material handling systems, successful implementations and case studies will be elaborated in detail by experts.


The ONLY commercial DEM code with:

-First ever multi-GPU solver capabilities, featuring cutting-edge shared-parallel-memory technology
-Accurate, non-round polyhedral particle shape representations
-Advanced breakage and flexible particle models

Fully integrated with ANSYS Workbench (CFD and FEA).
Integrated post-processing features customized for design engineers.


– Introduction to particle simulation
– How to solve bulk material handling problems?
– Rocky DEM overview
– Particle simulation and ANSYS Coupling
– Case studies
– Hands-on activity
– After 12 a clock representatives from EDRMedeso and ESSS will be available for you to have a 1-2-1 meetings if you like.

Speaker: Marcus Reis, ESSS

Time: 09.00-12.00 (Finnish time)

Where: EDR&Medeso Oy, Finlaysoninkuja 21A, 332 10 Tampere, Finland

We hope to see you there!

The seminar is free.

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