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Ørsted runs simulations 10 times faster with Rescale

Many companies will look at the cost as well as cost reductions when considering new technologies and changes in their setup, such as moving to the cloud. Ørsted – an EDRMedeso customer – has experienced this first hand when they combined their ANSYS license pool with Rescales cloud solution.


Ørsted is the largest energy company in Denmark. Ørsted develops, constructs and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, bioenergy plants and innovative waste-to-energy solutions and provides smart energy products to its customers. Their vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted employs more than 6000 people and had a revenue of DKK 76.9 billion (EUR 10.7 billion) in 2018.

The Offshore division in Ørsted runs simulations in order to develop the optimal foundations for their offshore wind turbines. A top priority for Ørsted is to deliver projects on time and with exceptional quality. But it proved difficult to meet the deadlines with a continuous flow of even larger simulation requirements, using the existing hardware solution.

“We tried to reduce our time spent on simulations by investing in hardware and GPUs. But we learned that this was insufficient and simply not enough to increase productivity. Consulting EDRMedeso, we discussed whether it was possible to expand our computational capacity in some other way. We were already using cloud services, but we needed a solution that was well-integrated with ANSYS and other suppliers. And we didn’t want to take care of the maintenance of the system. Based on our needs, EDRMedeso recommended Rescale,” says Kashif Kamran Toor, Senior FEA Specialist and Primary Structures Specialist at Structural Engineering at Ørsted.


Drastically reduced run-times

EDRMedeso and Ørsted ran test simulations, comparing the simulation run-time on their existing solution and Rescale. With the existing solution, the simulations took up to 30 hours. With Rescale, simulations were solved in just around 30 minutes.

“After the preliminary tests, it was clear to us that this was the solution we needed. We decided to implement Rescale. Now, we can fully utilize our existing licenses and it also allows us to take advantage of the availability of an on-demand license pool to handle the peak workloads within the Rescale platform. Our analysts can perform any number of design iterations simultaneously, and simulation run-time has been reduced drastically. For complex and heavy simulations, we can simulate at least 10 times faster – often more,” says Kashif Kamran Toor from Structural Engineering at Ørsted.

The increased speed also means that engineers at Ørsted can now run many more design evaluations, which help them minimize risks. They are no longer slowed down or limited by hardware and new ideas can be tested in short time.


A scalable solution adds value

At Ørsted, the required processing power varies a lot depending on ongoing projects. Therefore, it was also essential to get a scalable solution. While the pay-as-you-go model ensures that Ørsted only pays for the capacity it utilizes, the main objective was not cost reduction, but flexibility and speed.

“Rescale offers 99% availability and gives us the flexibility to scale up and down according to our needs. We are not willing to take the risk of delay due to hardware capacity. Now we don’t have to. We are very happy with our new solution, and EDRMedeso has helped us implement it in a very efficient way. They also provide best in class customer support to resolve any technical issues, and we are confident they will keep providing us with new, smart solutions to our simulation problems.” says Kashif Kamran Toor.

Mark Milton, Country Manager for EDRMedeso in Denmark, adds:

“The future is based on a cloud first strategy. By running simulations in the cloud, companies will be able to get their products much faster to market. And they will be able to deliver, whenever they need it. The cloud supplies unlimited capacity. And here lies the true value. Moving to the cloud is not about saving money, it is about adding value.”



  • EDRMedeso is the point of contact between Ørsted and Rescale and has provided counselling on the project as well as helped with the implementation of the Rescale solution
  • Ørsted has been able to drastically reduce the simulation run-time for complex and heavy simulations to one tenth or one twentieth of the time, depending on the project
  • Ørsted has no internal costs for system maintenance. Rescale handles all system maintenance.
  • Ørsted has access to support through EDRMedeso






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