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Parametric studies for non-converged models

Sometimes we might not want to apply a certain load but instead ramp up the load until the structure fails, a so-called load limit analysis. This is typically done with a nonlinear analysis in Mechanical where you ramp up the load and when the model fails to converge, we have reached the load limit. We can just postprocess the last converged substep.


This is all fine if we are just simulating this specific model. If we want to do a parameter study to investigate how some dimension, material property etc. would effect the load limit we get into problem. This is because for a design point to be evaluated we need to have green checkmarks on the Solution branch in the Mechanical tree.

So, we have to do some trick to be able to let Mechanical think that the solution was finished properly even though we did not get convergence.  The trick is to use two commands objects, one under Static Structural and one under Solution.

Under Static Structural we add the following command to tell the solver to not terminate the program execution if the solution fails to converge.


Read the blogg here (pdf-file)!


Written by Joel Bergström, EDRMedeso 2019

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