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Simulation Maturity Model – How you can assess the use of simulation in your company.

The concept of Industry 4.0 has grown over the recent years indicating a desire from companies to connect their machinery with a digital system to become more automatized. Through the connection of machines to a digital system there are endless possibilities for companies to develop and use simulation as a way of identifying and achieving new business values. A maturity model is a frequently used tool to evaluate a company’s maturity with regard to different technologies in Industry 4.0.

The use of simulation can facilitate improvements such as more efficient product conceptualizations, design, and development processes including simulations of how a product can withstand real life conditions. Therefore, the use of a simulation presents the company with opportunities that will save time and money while delivering high quality projects.

EDRMedeso have previously conducted surveys regarding the maturity use in simulation but at the time no fully developed simulation maturity model to analyze the answers. Therefore, during the summer a simulation maturity model will be developed taking into consideration the insights from the previous surveys.

In the next article we will look deeper into what benefits a maturity model can bring to your organization.


Written by: Jacob Stegemyr, Oscar Thornander, Mattias Johansson


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