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Simulation Maturity Model – How you can benefit from knowing your maturity

As discussed in the previous article there is an increasing demand for connectivity and automatization, leading companies to investigate simulation as a tool for continuous improvement in product development. Marcus Oledal, Head of Business Innovation at EDRMedeso describes “An increased corporate focus on digitalization comes with increased recognition of simulation as a driver for digital change in product development. But starting such a digital journey requires good understanding of your starting point which may be seen differently by different individuals”.

Based on insights from previous surveys regarding the use of simulation and interviews with highly experienced people, working with simulation in the industry and academia, six themes have been identified in the EDRMedeso Simulation Maturity Model. The themes in the maturity model, which the questions in the survey follows, are Strategy, Management, Processes, Product & Services, Organization & People, and Technology, covering relevant aspects of the business related to the use of simulation.

Using a maturity model as an evaluation tool will provide insights to companies on how mature their use of simulation is today, and what they together with EDRMedeso could do in order to gain an even greater value from simulation in the future. Marcus Oledal further explains “The EDRMedeso Simulation Maturity Model makes it possible to agree on a starting point and at the same time embrace the opportunity to learn from the internal forerunners”. In the long run, maturing as a company and improving the use of simulation will be beneficial for companies who want to be at the cutting edge in product research & development, production and maintenance.

How mature is your company in terms of the use of simulation?

Written by: Jacob Stegemyr, Oscar Thornander, Mattias Johansson

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