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In the future, both the industry and the society will get more and more digitalized. Automation and electrification of the living environment, new ways to build and produce will be utilized. The awareness of the utmost importance of resource and energy efficiency forces future engineers to come up with imaginative solutions to meet the upcoming challenges. That is where the value of simulations will be priceless.

Academia is an important source of information and fresh ideas. Universities, colleges and research institutes are the places where the latest knowledge emerges and where the young and enthusiastic minds start their journey towards becoming key players in the society. From that perspective it is essential for us in EDRMedeso to make a strong commitment to academics. We want to help students learn the needed expertise that will help them to get the most inspiring jobs of the future; teachers to provide interesting and practical education and researchers to succeed in their niche research topics.

Additionally, we participate in selected research consortia to bring our knowledge within simulation and digital twins available for researchers and companies to help them create new innovations. This type of collaboration is very valuable and enables us to follow up the current research and development trends and spread the knowledge about the latest advances.

ANSYS provides generous possibilities for students to learn simulations skills. Student teams competing in e.g. SpaceX hyperloop, formula student or solar challenge can have full multi-physics simulation tools without model size limitations for free to ensure the excellent performance of their design. That is why EDRMedeso is strongly supporting this action by offering local support and training for the students.

Teachers and professors using ANSYS tools in their classes can utilize the teaching licenses and get good support for their course preparation. Experts from EDRMedeso gladly participate in the teaching activities by helping in preparation, organizing workshops, trainings or giving guest lectures in the courses.

Simulations related research might get highly complicated and sometimes it can be difficult to find a way around a simulation set-up without software support. We have strong competence in all the physics and our experts can provide valuable tips how to benefit from the software. HPC and Rescale cloud computing options brings also supercomputing available for researchers, so they don’t necessarily need to set up own cluster.

Free Student Software

ANSYS is committed to putting free simulation engineering software in the hands of students at all levels.

Student Support Resources

Take part of ANSYS Active student community – view instructional videos and get tips and tricks through your fellow students and colleagues.

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Tool for Educators

Find out about our Academic products, embedding simulation in your curriculum and more.

Academic Blog

Read posts from student team members, STEM teachers and professors about the impact simulation is having in academia.



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