The ANSYS Startup Program gives you full access to simulation software bundles that are built and priced to help entrepreneurs grow their business quickly and cost-effectively. We realize that in the early stages of starting a business there is often limited funding and little to no revenue. We created this program to help you grow your business to its full potential using the best tools possible — ANSYS simulation solutions — with a minimal initial investment. Many of the world’s greatest companies began as startups and ANSYS is committed to partnering with today’s startups to help them grow into tomorrow’s industry leaders.

As a partner in the Startup Program, you will gain instant access to ANSYS solutions so you can start building virtual prototypes of your new products. These virtual prototypes can be modified and tested with simulation hundreds of times in the same time it would take to build and test one physical prototype –saving you time and money as you work to perfect your product design. The partnership gives you access to our full portfolio of multiphysics simulation bundles, including the Structural and Fluids bundle, the Electromagnetics bundle and the Embedded Software bundle. Additional benefits include marketing opportunities with ANSYS and access to our Customer Portal for self-guided support.

Regardless of whether you are an individual startup, an incubator working with a variety of startups, or another key participant in the ecosystem, find out below how EDRMedeso can benefit you.


The future of offshore wind.

SeaTwirl’s new design will change your view of how offshore wind turbines will be built in the future.

Why offshore wind power?
Wind power is a renewable source of carbon-free energy. The future needs sustainable solutions and we are ready to take on the challenge. SeaTwirl is developing a floating wind turbine for the ocean. SeaTwirl’s wind turbine is easier to build, install and maintain than traditional offshore wind turbines. Our vision: We will provide the most cost-effective product for renewable energy.



Vector, a business startup, is addressing the small spacecraft market for launch vehicles.

Because everything must shrink down when you are creating a nanosatellite launcher, engineers were challenged to scale everything while optimizing for a smaller class of payload. They leveraged ANSYS for all of the various fluid flows of the rocket engine including analysis of hot combustion gases in the engine as well as the various cold cryogenic liquids flowing into the engine to understand how they interact with the materials around them. ANSYS offered the best range of simulation tools through their Startup Program for this new company. It allowed them to have all of their tools in one spot and quickly run through analyses and use the results to make an immediate impact.


Nebia designed a new showerhead to transform the shower experience while saving water and energy.

Since most of the cost of a shower is in heating the water, engineers were challenged to keep the user warm while reducing the amount of water needed by 70 percent. They leveraged ANSYS fluid dynamics to model the water flow through the shower to reduce pressure drop, maintain warmth and generate an excellent shower experience. Simulation enabled Nebia engineers to quickly and cost-effectively test many versions of its product and deliver the showerhead to market.

Focus on Startups

Profiled on the following pages are seven companies at various stages of maturity, and representing a wide range of industries, that are somewhere on the road to startup success. Some of these businesses have not yet launched a product, while others have shipped to thousands of customers. What their founders have in common is an unwavering belief in their product ideas, as well as a commitment to applying the best available technology to verify and commercialize those ideas.

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