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Pervasive engineering in the cloud

Accelerate simulation, time to market and remove engineering resources constraints. Discover all the benefits with EDRMedeso and Rescale’s platform today.

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Cloud simulations

With the use of cloud simulations, you can reach perfection quicker and more cost efficient. Simulations enables those who work with product development to test how products will perform in real life conditions and to find faults or weak spots earlier in the process. The result? Optimized design, fewer prototypes and faster testing.

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This is Rescale

Rescale offers HPC (High Performance Compute) in the cloud, delivering computational performance on-demand. Trusted by the Global Fortune 500, Rescale empowers the world’s top executives, IT leaders, engineers, and scientists to securely manage product innovation and perform ground-breaking research and development faster at a lower cost. Using the latest hardware architecture at cloud providers and supercomputing centers, Rescale enables users to extend their on-premise system with optimized HPC in the cloud.

Rescale was founded in early 2011 by Joris Poort and Adam McKenzie – two former Boeing engineers. Their task was to build an environment to tackle some critical engineering issues much faster. They discovered that being able to access all applications and compute in a common interface was valuable to reduce this time down. The result? The leading simulation and HPC solution provider.

New innovation – extend fixed on-premise to the cloud

Rescale is now releasing a new hybrid cloud innovation that makes it possible for organizations to extend their fixed on-premise HPC to the cloud. Industries of all kinds are going through digital transformation, and for many, a hybrid solution is the first step towards a cloud solution.

With Rescale customer will access an easy, software-only path into HPC environment and can take part of the immediate cost benefits and price performance that the cloud offers. Become one of the leading organizations that are benefiting from the scalability and the flexibility of the cloud.

How to implement the Rescale platform

Are you ready for an easy to use system for HPC in the cloud? Here you will find three different implementing strategies for Rescale.

Cloud native
Possible to scale on demand. This way you submit simulation projects through the platform to the cloud.

On-premise HPC
Submit projects through the platform, sending them to your on-premise scheduler, but retaining the administration portal. This also includes analysis and reporting.

Cloud & On-premise
Advantage of both cloud native and on-premise HPC in one solution. This way users are allowed to extend to cloud on demand and transition between cloud and on-premise architectures.

Cloud native On-premise HPC
Cloud & On-premise

“Using engineering simulation with Rescale’s big compute platform provided Optysis with massive efficiency gains and the ability to reduce design cycles from months to week.”

Read the success story “Tuning in to Antenna Design” with Optisys

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Case study – Cloud HPC Simulation Enables Boom’s Supersonic Passenger Jet to Take Off

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Ten reason why extend your on-premise HPC to the cloud

  1. One single platform to access and administer all systems for your HPC
  2. It recommends the best architecture for each job
  3. Pay per use for hardware and software
  4. Hybrid-cloud solution with on-premise support. Gives you the freedom to be flexible
  5. Easy to use with a fast learning curve for new HPC users
  6. 250+ applications ported and tuned for cloud
  7. Access the latest architecture with no wait
  8. HPC systems externally accessible
  9. Keep your data secure: enterprise grade security with end-to-end encryption
  10. Test the speed and scalability of cloud HPC workflows and incorporate Rescale at your own pace

How to move to cloud HPC – step by step

Ever wondered what is needed from your company to move to HPC cloud system? Here you can find out everything you need to know to start benefit from the Rescale platform.

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