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Sensitivity Analysis

By means of a global sensitivity analysis and the automatic generation of the Metamodel of Optimal Prognosis (MOP), optimization potential and the corresponding important variables are identified. With this previous knowledge, task-related objective functions and constraints can be defined as well as suitable algorithms can be selected.

Multidisciplinary Optimization

optiSLang provides powerful optimization algorithms and automated workflows for an efficient determination of optimal design parameters regarding various multidisciplinary, nonlinear and multicriteria optimization tasks.

Robustness Evaluation

optiSLang quantifies the robustness of designs by generating a set of possible design realizations on the basis of scattering input variables. Optimized Latin Hypercube Sampling and the quantification of the prognosis quality of the result variation by the Coefficient of Prognosis (CoP) ensure the reliability of the variation and correlation values with a minimum of design calculations.

Software for CAE-based Robust Design Optimization and FE-analysis

Our innovative products are among the most efficient software packages available for CAE-based Robust Design Optimization in virtual product development as well as Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanic (THM) coupled FEM calculations in civil engineering and geomechanics.


optiSLang E-learning courses

Dynardo’s E-learning program offers you a quick and efficient way to getting started with optiSLang.

Individual courses will show you how to set up your solver chain and how to perform a sensitivity analysis, optimization, robustness evaluation or model calibration with the help of optiSLang’s software package. The training units will explain to you the technical usage of the user interface by setting up several training examples and will give you an overview of the theoretical background and best practices of the methodology.

Individual E-learning units can be chosen separately or as a package offer.

Unit 1 – Graphical user interface and process integration
Unit 2 – Sensitivity analysis
Unit 3 – Single- and multi-objective optimization
Unit 4 – Robustness evaluation and Robust Design
Unit 5 – Model calibration and parameter identification
Unit 6 – Interactive post-processing and data visualization
Unit 7 – optiSLang and ANSYS Workbench
Unit 8 – optiSLang and ANSYS Electronics Desktop (AEDT)




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