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Student projects in renewable energy sources

The demands for a more climate friendly society and economy creates a pressure to put efforts into research and development of low-emission energy production methods. In the Department of Marine Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) one of the focus areas is renewable energy production using wave energy.

Last fall, two students of the marine technology program started with their specialization project and used numerical methods to study the hydrodynamics of wave energy devices. They initiated the numerical studies with investigations of flow around bluff bodies and the free decay of an object using ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS AQWA. An introduction to projects can be found here.

Dr. Ken-Robert G. Jakobsen, Senior Technical Consultant EDRMedeso, was co-supervising the project work and found it very interesting. The students got a good insight into the history and theories related to wave energy production and they were able to understand the ideas and learn about the possibilities and challenges of simulations. To advance further in this topic, the students will continue the work through their master thesis project during the spring. The project work done during the fall will give them an excellent basis to learn more on the topic and become skilled with the complicated simulation procedures related to these types of R&D projects.

If you are interested in knowing more about these topics, please contact Ken-Robert G. Jakobsen. Once the theses are finalised on the spring, we will give highlights of the key results.


Dynamic pressure distribution in free decay test.  (Anders Matias Akselsen, Hydrodynamic analysis of a floating renewable energy device, Project Thesis, NTNU, fall 2018.)


Velocity magnitude and vorticity structures in a flow around a sphere. (Leonard Oliver Kielland, A study on numerical simulations of viscous flow around wave energy devices, Project Thesis, NTNU.)

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