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Do you have a problem or question related to Tekla? Check our frequently asked questions below:

I cannot access Tekla Warehouse, Tekla Downloads or Tekla Forum. They say I need Tekla Maintenance, what does it mean?

Most of our customers have a valid maintenance agreement. Your Trimble Identity is most likely not connected to your company Tekla Account. Ask your Tekla Administrator to add you to this account. If you do not know who this is, contact us on Tekla Support and we will help you.

When I open Tekla, the computer can't find the license server. What's wrong?

If the license is located locally on your computer, you can type @localhost. Tekla will then perform a search of the computer.

If you have the license on a server, you have to specify 27007@servername. You’ll find the server name on the server’s control panel. The server name is the same as the computer name. Port 27007 is normally reserved for Tekla.

If you suspect that this has been changed, locate the tekla.lic file: C:\TeklaStructures\License\Server\tekla.lic.

Our Multiuser-model is locked. Why does this happen?

This happens when the connection is interrupted between a user and the multiuser server.

This process creates a new model on the user’s computer and the old one idles. This occurs without you needing to do anything special.

When the computer is again connected to the multiuser server, the model is saved as usual.
You create locks to prevent multiple users from changing the same element.

The files must be cleared to correct this. Choose Tools > Activate Multiuser > right-click the user > Clear locks.

How do I export or open a .db1-file?

The .db1-file is found in the model folder. The file has the same name as the model (and the model folder).
File > Open model folder > “model_name”.db1

To open a .db1 file, save the file in a folder with the same name. If the file is “model_name.db1”, it should be placed in a folder called “model_name”, for instance like this:


In Tekla Structures, browse to the parent folder of “model_name”:
File > Open > All models > Browse > C:\TeklaStructuresModels\

I have questions about the Tekla Open API, where can I send them?

Unfortunately, questions regarding the Tekla Open API is not covered by our standard support and maintenance agreement.

We arrange API Trainings regularly. Please have a look at our Upcoming Training Events, or contact us for an offer on a custom workshop.

You can also find resources and information online, using the links to the right on this page.

Online support

In addition to assisting you via phone or email, we also provide online support. With online support, you enable our support technicians to view your screen or vice versa – a very efficient way to guide and assist you.

To use online support you will need the TeamViewer program. You may download it using the link below. Don´t hesitate to contact us should you need assistance.



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