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The EDRMedeso Simulation Maturity Model – time to put it to work!

Summer is over and so is unfortunately an exceptionally inspiring collaboration with a team of summer interns from Chalmers and Gothenburg business school! 

If you have followed their blog posts this summer, you have seen them digging deep into a maturity model for simulations. The reason for developing such model is to address the increased demand from Nordic industry executives to speed up digitalization of concept and product development 

By understanding current state and what is needed to reach next level, the utilization of digital benefits like scaleup, global interaction and instant feedback could be significant competitive advantages, it’s said. 

This is indeed both an attractive benefit, but also a challenging task. But understanding and agreeing on a starting point for the journey is a key element of a successful change process, and often heavily underestimated. “We have never done it, but we are confident it will work well” is simply not good enough.  

In that context we are proud to launch the EDRMedeso Simulation maturity model, or ESMM as we will label it. Your current simulation status will here be benchmarked through six main categories: Organization, Strategy, Management, Products & Services, Technology and Processes. 

By including features such as role and function specific maturity, and indices relating to knowledge, attitudes, resources and costs, you will have an opportunity to compare both internally and externally, through a database that is building as we speak 

In addition, ESMM gives you access to a highly visual representation of your simulation journey and what you will need to learn and build along the roadFeel free to reach out to to get access to our light ESMM assessment. Or even better, join us at the 2nd Simulation Leadership Forum in Copenhagen on September 11-12, and be inspired by some of the leaders in simulation adoption in the Nordics. 

Until then, take care! 

Marcus Oledal, Head of Business Innovation 

With the great help from summer interns: 

Mattias Johansson, Jacob Stegemyr, Oscar Thornander 

Thank You! 


The radar chart shows the different themes and their average score of all respondents. 



The graph shows five different maturity levels. 

The grey dots show the total average score of each individual response. 

The red dot shows the average total score. 


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