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At EDRMedeso you learn from some of the industries top experts in their respective fields. The training has been carefully prepared and refined for many years to offer you maximum value – regardless at which level.


EDRMedeso offers a wide variety of courses.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the training below, and we will arrange a solution for you and your company.

ANSYS Structures

  • Acoustics with ANSYS Workbench
  • ANSYS Additive Solutions
  • ANSYS APDL for Workbench
  • ANSYS Application Customization Toolikit
  • ANSYS Composite PrepPost
  • ANSYS Explicit STR
  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • ANSYS nCode DesignLife
  • ANSYS Topology Optimization
  • Efficient Preprocessing for CFD with ANSYS
  • Fatigue Analysis with ANSYS
  • Fatigue in Welded Structures
  • Fracture Mechanics with ANSYS
  • Heat Transfer with ANSYS Mechanical
  • Linear and Non Linear Dynamics with ANSYS Mechanical
  • Meshing and model preparation in ANSYS Mechanical
  • Non-linear structural analysis with ANSYS Mechanical
  • Rigid Body Dynamics with ANSYS
  • Rotordynamics in ANSYS
  • Structural Analysis and FEM
  • Tips and Tricks for ANSYS Mechanical users
  • Workbench LS-DYNA


ANSYS Fluids

  • Aeroacoustics with ANSYS FLUENT
  • ANSYS CFD with CFX
  • ANSYS CFD with Fluent
  • FLUENT Multiphase Flows
  • FLUENT Turbulence Modelling
  • Modelling multiphase flows with ANSYS CFX
  • Modelling turbulence with ANSYS CFX
  • User defined functions in ANSYS FLUENT
  • Heat Transfer with ANSYS FLUENT
  • Combustion with ANSYS FLUENT
  • Fluid Structure Interaction with ANSYS


ANSYS Electronics

  • ANSYS Maxwell 2D-3D
  • ANSYS Simplorer
  • ANSYS PEXprt
  • ANSYS Icepak
  • ANSYS SIwave
  • Motor design with ANSYS Maxwell


ANSYS Platform

  • ANSYS DesignModeler
  • ANSYS SpaceClaim
  • ANSYS DesignXplorer



  • CAEPIPE Introduction
  • CAEPIPE Advanced
  • ROHR2 Introduction
  • ROHR2 Advanced
  • Analysis of buried piping according to EN 13941


ANSYS Learning Hub

Simulation software is only as powerful as the people who use it. An annual subscription to the Learning Hub gives you the training resources you need to tackle current projects and development opportunities to enhance your skills in the future. Gain unlimited access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • Classroom courses scheduled globally.
  • Virtual courses in all time zones.
  • Self-paced video courses.
  • Learning paths to guide your course selection.
  • Dedicated learning rooms for questions and discussion.
  • Training materials and subscriber-only content.


Learn more in the Learning Hub video!


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