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Introduction to ANSYS CFD with Fluent

Jun 18 2019
2 days
1 300 GBP
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During the Fluent Getting Started (Single Window Workflow) 2019R1 -course you will learn the basic concepts, tools and workflows to carry out your own fluid dynamics simulation. The course has a strong emphasis on carrying out your fluid dynamics project from the beginning of creating or fixing your CAD-model until the end, where the post-processing for the results is carried out.

The course includes lectures led by the instructor and workshops that you complete with the guidance of the instructor.

After the course you should have a clear understanding of

  • Creating a geometry or fixing an imported one in ANSYS SpaceClaim
  • Preparing the geometry for a Fluid Flow analysis in ANSYS SpaceClaim
  • Meshing the geometry in ANSYS Fluent Meshing as well as knowing what kind of mesh you should have for different applications
  • Setting up the most important calculation settings concerning different applications in ANSYS Fluent.
  • How to debug a non-converging calculation and completing it in ANSYS Fluent
  • Post-Processing your results in ANSYS Fluent

During the course the following ANSYS (2019R1) programs will be used

  • ANSYS SpaceClaim
  • ANSYS Fluent Meshing
  • ANSYS Fluent

The physics studied during the course will include finding out the correct fluid flow pattern in important areas of your project, calculating forces induced by the flow as well as calculating heat transfer within flow and combined heat transfer between solid and fluid. If you are unsure whether your specific application is covered during this course, please contact the instructor for further details.

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