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Introduction to ANSYS CFD with Fluent

Feb 19 2019
2 days
1 300 GBP
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What will you learn?

The purpose with this course is to give an introduction to CFD analyses using ANSYS Fluent. The course will focus on main aspects, but it will also provide an insight to more advanced capabilities in Fluent.

When the course is completed, the student should be able to create a basic geometry, mesh it, and then solve the flow field with ANSYS Fluent. The student should be able to choose appropriate models to describe the physics of the flow, such as the effects of turbulence, multiphase, and heat and mass transfer. Further, the student should be aware of typical model limitations often encountered in CFD. Post-processing of results will also be introduced.


  • Workbench methodology
  • ANSYS Meshing capabilities
  • Meshing Best Practice Guidelines
  • Geometry Cleanup and Repair
  • How does a CFD code work?
  • Boundary/Initial conditions
  • Convergence/Divergence
  • Turbulence modeling
  • Modeling of heat and mass transfer
  • Introduction to User-defined functions
  • Post-processing of results in ANSYS CFD Post

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