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ANSYS Explicit Dynamics

Jan 23 2020
2 days
1 150 EUR
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What will you learn?

With the implementation of an explicit solver in ANSYS Workbench there is another advanced analysis type available in this versatile user interface. The phrase “Explicit” refers to a type of time integration used to perform dynamic simulations. Explicit methods are more accurate and efficient for simulations involving shock wave propagation, large deformations and strains, non-linear material behaviour, complex contact, fragmentation and non-linear buckling.

This course will serve as an introduction to performing explicit dynamic analysis for both new and experienced users.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to Explicit Dynamics Analyses.
  • General understanding of the Workbench and Explicit Dynamics (Mechanical) user interface, as related to geometry import and meshing specific for explicit analysis.
  • Detailed understanding of how to set up, solve and post-process Explicit Dynamic analyses.


  • Introduction to Explicit Dynamics
  • Introduction to Workbench
  • Explicit Dynamics Basics
  • Results Processing
  • Materials models
  • Meshing for explicit analysis
  • Body Interactions, contact
  • Analysis Settings, mass scaling

Target customers for the course

Prerequisites: ANSYS Mechanical, Non-Linear Structural Analysis with ANSYS Mechanical

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