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Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical

Jun 11 2019
2 days
1 300 GBP
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This course is the foundation for working with structural mechanics simulations in ANSYS Workbench. The goal of the course is to make users familiar with the interface and enable them to perform different types of analyses. Focus is not only on operability, but also on basic understanding of simulation concepts, model creation and results interpretation.

Prior experience of ANSYS Mechanical is not required. The course is aimed at those who have basic knowledge of structural mechanics. Knowledge of the finite element method is recommended.


  • Introduction
  • Mechanical Basics
  • General Preprocessing
  • Motivation on the importance of working with the mesh
  • Global and local meshing controls
  • Geometry preparation
  • Mesh methods
  • Mesh quality measures
  • Static Structural Analysis
  • Linear Contacts
  • Free Vibration Analysis
  • Results Postprocessing
  • CAD connection & Parameters

Appendices also contain material on Buckling, Submodelling, Constraint Equations, Mesh Quality and Thermal Analyses.

Target customers for the course

New users and existing users who want to keep themselves up to date of the latest ANSYS technology.

Our customers

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